By Kiyimba Bruno

The executive director for Promote Uganda David S. Nsubuga has expressed concern about the big number of Ugandans who don’t know the key places in their own Capital city.

Speaking this, Nsubuga was having a one on one with watchdog Uganda in his office at Parliamentary Avenue.

Nsubuga said that when you start asking random questions about the history and location of some places in Kampala very few can give you a right answer.

In order to overcome this challenge, Nsubuga has advised the public to use his Kampala sightseeing bus to enable them sharpen their brain. The double Decker open roof bus is the first of a kind in the country and apparently it accommodates 74 people.

According to Nsubuga, adults are entitled to pay shs100, 000 as opposed to Juniors who pay shs50,000 to enable them take a ride around the city whilst learning.

He revealed that the sightseeing bus has routes which enable some one visit all important places in Kampala minus being affected by traffic jam.

Nsubuga said they know the time when there is less traffic and in case of anything, the Uganda police have provided them with lead traffic officers to enable them do their work on time.