By our reporter

Apostle Grace Lubega is the main man behind the Phaneroo Movement; a fast growing city Church.

Apparently, the man of God is in the news after attacking Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu famously known as Bobi Wine.

While preaching to his followers, Apostle Lubega referred to Bobi Wine as ‘a drug addict’, who is not fit to lead Uganda.

Although he did not mention Bobi Wine’s name, it is clear that he was referring to the legislator.

“If I have offended you I am sorry but you can’t tell me that I can front a guy with a Side B,” Lubega told his followers.

He further blamed Bobi Wine for failing to change the ghetto. He said, “If you have not changed the ghetto, you are not going to change a nation! Stop selling your nation, your nation deserves better. Africa will rise through men and women of God. If you have not changed the ghetto, you are not going to change the nation. The answer is somewhere but not in you.”

Now we tell you who Apostle Grace Lubega really is;

Though born in a staunch Roman Catholic Family, this didn’t stop Lubega from giving his life to Jesus Christ. At the age of eight, he became Born Again while at a crusade only to lose his path once again.

It’s at University in November 2005 that he found his bearing once again. Once again, he recommitted his life to Jesus Christ.

While working at KCB bank as a Supervisor in charge of Customercare, Business and Personal Banking, Lubega says a voice of God came to him; He was being told to begin a fellowship targeting young people and answer the questions that Jesus left unanswered.

He realized that at University stage is when most Ugandans wasted their lives and that if a revolution was to happen, somebody had to reach the young ones at this stage of their lives thus the formation of Phaneroo.