By Mubiru Ivan

If you meet Dr. Innocent Nahabwe you cannot easily tell that he is one of the youngest billionaires we have in town simply because of his humbleness and down to earth character.

He is young, innovative, enterprising and someone not afraid to take on risks. A combination of these has made Nahabwe, a veterinary Doctor by profession not only to succeed in business but also become one of the prominent figures in Uganda.

At just 38 years of age, Dr. Nahabwe, runs a string of businesses including Club Amnesia, one of the leading outing spots in Kampala, Blue Cube, an SMS company and Galaxy FM one of the best radio stations we have in the country.

He also ventured in online betting business as well as real estate.

Nahabwe is one of the modern marketers Uganda has. Prior to setting up his own business empire, he was a marketing guru at Red Pepper, a popular media brand in the country.

It is believed, while at Red Pepper, he got an opportunity to meet many people and thus contacts whom he would later leverage to succeed.

He says he has been successful in things he loves most.

“As an entrepreneur, you put in a lot of time. If you are doing something you don’t love, you cannot achieve a lot because decisions are rushed. I have tried a lot of things and the ones that have survived are those I love,” he is quoted as saying by The Observer.