Professional athletes have come out on Twitter to defend women and locker room conversations

Earlier this week, Donald Trump defended his disgusting comment that sexual assault against woman was ‘locker room talk’.

But men using locker rooms on a daily basis have refuted his dismissal of the phrase and unleashed their feminist voices to say his justification of assault is incorrect.

Baseball pitcher Sean Doolittle of the Oakland Athletics posted on Twitter:

These men are professional footballers, baseball players and knowledgeable men within the sporting industry. If anyone knows what goes on inside the locker room, it’s them.

By trying to condone talk about sexual advances without consent on women as playful banter shared between blokes in a sporting environment tarnishes respectful, honest and liberalist men trying to do their job while also promoting sexual violence against women.

Thank you to the men standing up against sexist, egotistical indivduals.


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