At the enactment of the 1995 Uganda Constitution, President Museveni told all Ugandans that he stood for the rule of law and constitutionalism. ‘’I am ready to go back to the bush if anyone tampers with the constitution. This constitution is the best in the whole world,” Museveni said while receiving the 1995 constitution from the Constituent Assembly (CA).

Detention of law abiding Ugandans across the country (especially by Uganda Police Force) without trail is unconstitutional. So should Ugandans emulate President Museveni and go back to the busy? Most of us thought that detention without trial belonged to President Idi Amin era. Under President Museveni era we were told that those being detained without trail were terrorists. Then we have seen journalists being detained without trial for weeks. Last week on Thursday in Mbarara, Asiimwe (alias King of Ankole) together with several other law abiding citizens of Ankole were detained and are still under detention by the Mbarara Police without trail. Detention without trial especially of ordinary civilians is becoming a common occurrence across the country.

President Museveni, every regime has its number one enemy. Today your number enemy is the Uganda Police that is detaining several Ugandans across the country without producing them in court for trail as the law demands. This is making you unpopular as a President and will in the long run negatively impact on your political fortunes. Soon Ugandans will see no difference between you and the previous Presidents that you detested so much.

Most Ugandans, these days take time to listen to these lyrics by Philly Bongole Lutaaya and their popularity on the internet has soared: ‘’Today Its Me, Tomorrow is somebody else’’, and ‘’Alone and frightened’’.

President Museveni, one of your greatest achievements is the 1995 Uganda Constitution. So don’t let your enemies overthrow it. We still love you and we are hoping for a better Uganda.

Justice Katureebe, what is going to be your legacy as Chief Justice of Uganda? As they say,” what is in a name?”