By Watchdog reporter

Prof. Ndebesa Mwambustya, a political scientist at Makerere University has said the current situation at Democratic Party(DP) is due to lack of political control within the party leadership.

According to Mwambustya, if a person doesn’t have the power to give in terms of resources or no capacity to deny a party contender political support it means he or she will lack control over the party and that is what is happening with Party President Norbert Mao.

“DP’s current situation is inevitable because if you don’t have power to give in terms of resources its obvious that you will not be able to control the party,” Mwambustya stated while appearing on NBS’s topical Discussion show today.

The political Scientist further said the term Good DP was formulated by President Yoweri Museveni who on several occasions addresses the DP members who are in good term with him as Good DP.

“In relation to ‘good and bad’ DP, ‘good DP’ are those who are in bed with the NRM,” He said.

“A good DP’, if not careful, is likely to lose party support because they will be seen as traitors,” Mwambustya added.