By Najibu Mulema

Former Makerere University vice chancellor, Prof Mondo Kagonyera says that opening the university is a waste of time if the lecturers are not willing to be back to work.

According to Kagonyera, Makerere’s problems are not unique and the more it remains closed, the more students suffer and the university projects with time frames will be ruined.

He says the new committee should help draw government attention into recommendations in the previous reports and push for the implementation of the same.

Kagonyera pointed at the financing of the university as one of the major problems which will be hard to deal with however refuting allegations that the university is in a mess.

“I don’t know whether they have established the staff who are the initial problem, are coming back if the university is opened? And if they are not willing to come back then you’re wasting time in opening the place,” says Kagonyera adding that, “if the staff is ready to come back of course the students are ever ready and I do agree that the longer the university remains closed, they are the worst days for students, staff and for some of the projects being run by the university.”