By our reporter

There’s an ongoing feud between former Makerere University Vice Chancellor Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba and former minister Asuman Kiyingi.

It all started when Kiyingi accused Baryamureeba of sectarianism.

In his Facebook post, Kiyingi said President Yoweri Museveni wants Waswa Balunywa to be re-appointed as Makerere Uninversity Businesss School (MUBS) Principal but Baryamureeba is exploiting his tribal and religious networks to grab the job.

He wrote, “This is a classic case of sectarianism. The President wants Professor Balunywa re-appointed as MUBS Principal but a scheming  Baryamureeba exploiting his tribal and religious networks is fighting to grab the job. Balunywa’s stellar performance record seems a secondary matter. He suffers the double tragedy of being a musoga and a Muslim at the same time in a system that looks down upon both. I have very recently been a victim of similar tribal and religious forces though in my case it was compounded with Busoga’s PhD politics. I hope this time round the President prevails over these sectarian forces holding him hostage,”

Commenting on the Kiyingi’s post, Baryamureeba tried to explain why he is not interested in the job but Kiyingi insisted saying he had a good sources who told him so.

“First of I would like to state that I am serving as Chairperson of Council of MUBS and the Principal of MUBS, Professor Balunywa is responsible to council. On 5th March 2018, I did write on behalf of MUBS council recommending Prof. Balunywa for re-appointment as Principal MUBS and this letter was copied to Prof. Balunywa. However, I have of late learnt that as per Section 12 of the Pension Act Cap 286, Prof. Waswa Balunywa does not meet the eligibility criteria for re-appointment as a Principal of pubic tertiary institution since he was born on 3rd December 1955 and is already above the mandatory retirement age of 60. As a result of this legal requirement, a principal of a public tertiary institution is required to vacate office on attaining the age of sixty years. I would like to categorically state that after serving as Vice Chancellor of Makerere University, I have no interest in serving as Vice Chancellor of any other University or Principal of any tertiary institution including MUBS. I recently applied to serve as Vice Chancellor of Makerere University because many stakeholders wanted me to go back and finish the unfinished business I left behind. After serious considerations I decided to apply and the rest is history and I am done with serving as Vice Chancellor/Principal of any University/ Tertiary Institution. Who ever is circulating falsehoods against me, time will be the judge. Now Hon. Kiyingi who served as Minister, MP and is a lawyer can put pressure on government using all Technics including religion, tribe, blackmail to have Prof. Balunywa re-appointed Principal MUBS even when he does not qualify. On my part, I had recommended him in a letter dated 5th March 2018 on condition that he met the eligibility criteria that is under the mandate of the appointing authority i.e. the Ministry of Education and Sports/ Education Service Commission. Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba, Chairperson MUBS Council,” Commented Prof. Baryamureeba on Kiyingi’s post.

“Thanks Prof Venansius Baryamureeba for your candid responses. My sources are not just Balunywa tribal or religious fanatics. If they were I would have apologised to you long ago after your first explanation and pulled down this post. But am afraid I can not,” Kiyingi responded to Prof. Baryamureeba’s comment adding that,”According to baganda “owebbango bwotamuwemukira tewebikka”. You have to speak out when a glutton wants to consume everything and condemn you to starvation,” Kiyingi responded to some of the comments on his post,”

Due to Kiyingi’s persistence, Prof. Baryamureeba lost cool and decided to call the former minister stupid.

He said Kiyingi’s submission shows that he is among the stupid Ugandans since he did it without proper research.

Baryamureeba said that if Kiyingi was not a Muslim he would have asked him the kind of alcohol he took before writing what he wrote.

He wrote; “Asuman Kiyingi. You have not disputed the fact that in writing on March 5, 2018 I recommended Prof. Balunywa for reappointment and this letter was copied to him(Prof.Balunywa). I did this well knowing that for all Public CEO positions like for Principal MUBS there is a requirement that they should be Publically advertised so that there is transparency and fairness and all eligible Ugandans should be accorded an opportunity to apply and then allowed fair competition. But still recommended him for reapportionment any way as long as he met the Eligibility criteria . Mind you I did this without calling a MUBS Council meeting I.e I did it on behalf of MUBS Council. So who are your credible sources? Prof.Balunywa fanatics, tribesmates or supporters? If you were not Muslim I would have asked you what alcohol you had taken that influenced your writeup.

Some of us are beyond stupid lobbying that involves character assassination of innocent Ugandans. Hon.Asuman Kiyingi, your submission after my submission puts you under stupid Ugandans. Let me now assure you that as long as I live, I shall never be stupid or support the breaking of the law of Uganda I love so dearly. Either the law is on side or it’s not. So go on with your stupidity until we cross our path again. Lastly don’t expect any other public response from me, but remember going forward I shall execute my duties as a chairperson of MUBS Council without fear or favor. For God and my Country. Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba PhD. Chairperson MUBS Council.