By Kiyimba Bruno
kiyimba.bruno@gmail. com

The Executive Director for Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU) Ms Cissy Kagaba has said that President Museveni’s directive to the ministry of finance,planning and economic development, to procure armored vehicles for MPs is absurd.

Kagaba revealed this during a press conference that took place at their offices in Ntinda.

“This is a continuation of impunity and gratuitous expenditure,” Said Kagaba.

She added that the financial implication of this is that for 456 MPs,at least Shs500m will be needed for each vehicle totaling up to Shs228b.

She believes that this directive will put more strain on an already beleaguered economy.

Kagaba added that they believe that procuring armored vehicles and assigning sharp shooters to MPs is not only discriminatory in nature but also will not solve the grievance of security in the country.

“Over 40 women have been killed in the recent times. Should all women be given armored cars and sharp shooters? wondered Kagaba.

On this note she advised the President to address the security problem more historically than issuing implausible directives.

She also advised MPs to reject the proposal and instead channel the money to improving service delivery in social sectors like health, education and agriculture.