Prisons Commissioner General Johnson Byabashaija has said a new wage payment scheme which will see the payment of skilled prisoners who offer ‘private labour’ to individuals and companies increased from shs500 to shs1400per day in the next financial year, is yet to be approved by Parliament.

Presenting the Budget Framework Paper FY 2017/18 before the Parliamentary Defense Committee, Byabashaija said, “I have already got the equivalent rates from the Bureau of Statistics which we have given to the first Parliamentary Council to put it in the legislative language for the minister to sign when they are ready.”

Prisoners are entitled to a payment of shs500 (skilled labour), shs250 (semi-skilled labour) and shs100 (unskilled labour) a day.

As per new payment scheme, the a skilled prisoner will earn shs1,400, semi-skilled prisoners shs700 and unskilled-prisoners shs300 a day