By Watchdog reporter

The wages of sin follow fake pastor William Paul Muwanguzi, aka Kiwedde. The former famous pastor at Namulanda has been jailed again in Rakai.

Kiwedde was yesterday extradited from Zimbabwe a year after he escaped from prison. When he landed in Uganda, Kiwedde was driven straight to Rakai where he committed the offences.

Mr Asan Kasingye, the director of International Police directorate in Uganda said Kiwedde escaped from Mutukula Government Prison before he completed his four-year jail term.

Kiwedde arrested in 2013 in Rakai District where he impersonated a Kenyan Catholic priest. He claimed to perform healing prayers and miracles in the process extorted huge sums of money from poor followers.

After escaping from the prison, he entered Tanzania which is a few kilometers away, before crossing into Zimbabwe from where the international police arrested him. He was founded in possession of a fake passport. He was charged with escaping from prison, impersonation, possession of a fake passport.