By Watchdog reporter

A traumatizing photo of “Duke” Christopher Thomas, the husband of Tooro kingdom  wild princess Ruth Komuntale is making rounds on social media.

When you meet Thomas today, you can hardly recognize him due to his new Rastafarian look.

We don’t know what really happened to him, but his look is not appeasing at all.

Five years ago while still in deep love with Komuntale, Thomas was that one fine man every slaying queen was yearning for.

Unfortunately, following the endless misunderstandings between him and Komuntale, the charming princess decided to end the marriage that failed to get on the right path ever since they got married in 2012.

Since them this American chap has not been himself. In 2015 he was arrested for beating new girlfriend, he had hooked after Komuntale’s breakup.

Apparently, it is alleged that Thomas can no longer survive without using drugs.