As a manager and leader at different postings and as a family and social person, I have observed that we speak or report about each other on various occasions. Some people give an official professional position and others emotional positions in their reports. Some reports are intended to progress particular projects and/or relationships and some to fail or kill them; others to blackmail; some are false accusations while others factual; some intended to justify or cover up lies, corruption, wrongs and sin while others to uncover such; others to warn of trouble; others to buy favors, etc.

In the process I have learnt that as people pursue their certain interests, some good people are painted to look so bad and the bad people painted to look good, angels called devils and devils called angels! Good intentions and motives have been sidelined in some cases while bad people have managed in various cases to camouflage their motives and intentions to win the day. Various relationships, marriages and companies have been affected as a result. The wrong people most times use favors to bait and twist the thinking and tongues of vulnerable and unsuspecting others to progress their interests!

I have learnt not to take wholesale what I am told by anyone; even persons you may think close and loyal, even Christians may disappoint you; they will say yes meaning no, and say no meaning yes depending on what favors them at the moment. Here I fall in love with the Baganda proverb, ‘tosala gwa kawala nga tonawulira gwa kalenzi’ loosely meaning ‘never make judgement before hearing out from all parties involved’.

The bible warns us against trusting men, Micah 7:5, Isaiah 2:22, etc. Such people should never wear you down; keep being who you truly are. Just because someone calls you a dog doesn’t make you one. Always trust in the Lord who is just and fair, he will fight your battle; Psalm 25:8. However, we praise God for those who always stand for what is true and just!