President Yoweri Museveni has encouraged local farmers in the country to grow crops like grapes, apples and avocadoes. He observed that those crops are advantageous to people who have small acreage of land because they make them flourish with big financial returns.

The President was talking to Dr. Sekai Nzenza, Head of Public Affairs of the Amathieon Agric-German Company, who is an investor from Germany that has expressed interest in commercial farming and processing of crops like maize, sorghum, soya, simsim and groundnuts in Nwoya district in northern Uganda’s Acholi Sub-Region. The meeting took place yesterday at State House, Entebbe.

“If you can go into processing maize for food consumption and animal feeds initially, it would be a good venture. Investors who are interested in growing grapes can also start though grapes may not do so well in the tropics because of heavy rains. But grapes are a good advantage to people with small pieces of land and can grow in big returns,” he said.

The President, who sounded a strong warning to government officials to refrain from delaying the process of clearing investors in all sectors, assured the German investor that government will soon extend electricity deeper in rural areas in Nwoya district to enable the processing of crops for the benefit of out-growers.

Dr. Sekai Nzenza reported to the President that he has already acquired 3,300 acres of land for commercial farming in Northern Uganda.

The Minister of State for Planning, Hon. David Bahati, among other government officials, attended the meeting.