By Watchdog reporter

On Friday, President Yoweri Museveni celebrated one year of the fifth term in office as the president of Uganda.

He was sworn in on Thursday 12 May, 2016 a fifth term on Thursday at a ceremony in the capital Kampala.

Museveni’s celebration message;

On this day, one year ago, I took oath of office for a new term as President following the overwhelming endorsement of the NRM and my candidacy by Ugandans.

I want to thank all Ugandans who took part in the election exercise and importantly voted for the NRM. I also thank the thousands who turned up at Kololo Airstrip to witness the swearing-in plus the millions others who followed proceedings on TV and other platforms.

Like I promised, our target is to ensure Uganda becomes a middle income country by the close of this term. We have already embarked on that journey. The government is doing everything possible to ensure this target is achieved. I ask you, my fellow countrymen and women, to also play your part.

At the State of Nation Address next month, I will offer a detailed report on what has been achieved so far and what more we should do and will do.


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