President Yoweri Museveni has directed the Ministry of Health to immediately halt and take away the staff at Nakawuka Health Centre 111 over alleged non-performance resulting in poor service delivery to the people of the area.
“I want action on these people they are complained about. They should all go and new people should be brought in,” he said.
The President paid a visit to Nakawuka Health center 111 following complaints from residents on poor service delivery at the center.
“I have come so that you tell me what challenges you have,” he said.
Nakawuka Health Center 111 is located in Mpumudde village, Busiro East Constituency in Wakiso district. The Centre serves over eight parishes.
The residents of Nakawuka called on the President to urgently intervene over the poor service delivery by their leaders, especially in the health and education sectors, among others.
The people cited abseentism, stealing of government drugs, late coming and overcharging of students in schools, among other things.
President Museveni, who thanked the people for being alert and reporting what was on the ground, said that the government’s priority during this term, is service delivery to the people of Uganda.
“Thank you for pointing out these things concerning service delivery. This term is Hakuna Mchezo” he emphasized.
He called on the leaders to always supervise government programmes in their areas in order to achieve the desired targets. All the concerned Ministers of Health, Public Service and Local Government, were present.