President Yoweri Museveni has urged the youth in the country to appreciate the fact that there is no mistake at all in their being disciplined and that there is no loss in loving God.

“You should continue to spread the message to all the young generations of Uganda that there is no mistake in being disciplined and there is no mistake in loving God,” he said.

Youth Conference1

Mr. Museveni made the remarks while closing a 3-day Born Free Concert for Born Again churches. The function took place last evening at Katikati Restaurant in Kampala.

He appealed to the youth to concentrate on the health issues that pertinent to their becoming useful citizens to themselves, their country and to humanity through such activities like sports, reading books and helping their parents. He informed them that they should concentrate on what is before them now and avoid leading risky lives in order to ensure that they reach full maturity for the benefit of their own and their country’s benefit.

Youth Conference

The President strongly cautioned the youth against assimilating the negative foreign culture such as homosexuality. “In the Western culture, they do not seem to understand biology of there being a man and a woman. That is why they are promoting total disorientation,” he said.

Mr. Museveni, therefore, asked the youths in Uganda to promote patriotism and love their country, love Africa and be proud of being Africans.

“You should promote patriotism to love your country to love Africa and to be proud of being Africans,” he emphasized.

Youth Conference2

The President thanked his daughter, Patience, along with organizers of the conference for providing an alternative menu to the youth in comparison to the menu of destruction and death that has been brought into Africa in general and Uganda in particular through negative foreign cultural traits. He also strongly cautioned the youth against alcohol consumption, promiscuity and drugs addiction.

He highly commended the organizers of the conference for taking the lead to get the youth out of the wrong foreign culture, which is feeding the world on decadent practices of the culture of corruption, indiscipline and reckless living.