By Frank M.Gashumba

If you are above 18 years and you follow what is happening in Uganda, you are a candidate for the above!
In a country where 84% of the youth are unemployed, their mindset rotates on sports betting, bodaboda, sachet waragi, European football etc; Basically there is no sense of innovation and production to spur economic growth and national progress.
In a country where “religious leaders” move with armed police officers and military, a country where Ministers, Technocrats, Judges, etc move like warlords with all support weapons and expensive SUVs;

In a country where NRM- MPs who were elected by the wanainchi can’t consult them unless they are guarded by Uganda police, State House operatives and UPDF!

In a country where opposition MPs are beaten by security operatives like snakes in Parliament, a country where MPs who are opposed to a certain school of thought are chased out of a caucus meeting! Still, a country where a President moves with a 30-car convoy with all sorts of weapons,

In a country where UPDF is for hire , those are signs of a Somalia, a Syria or an Iraq.

Those of you who thought that M7 and group went to the bush to liberate Uganda, trust me time is coming when you will regret why you welcomed NRA in 1986!!! Please save this post and share it.