By Kizito Buule, Bulenga
In what may be explained as nurturing healthy souls in wealthy bodies, Good News Ministries Church Bulenga located along Kampala-Mityana Road has adjusted its evangelization to include vocational skills training to the flocks.
The church has acquired sewing machines and carpentry tools and technical trainers to impart skills to willing followers, according to the Senior Pastor Solomon Mwesige.
In an interview at the church on Tuesday, Pr. Mwesige said his wife got connected to Good Samaritans who agreed to assist her project of changing followers lifestyles through equipping them with vocational skills.
According to the man of God , his church is bent on reversing the age old belief that born-again Christians are only good at spiritual healing and building, and to show communities that they can use the spiritual healing to become rich.
“In its various pages, the bible encourages turning followers into admirable people of God able to provide for the families given to them by God, and this cannot be achieved through evangelization alone with no practical skills”, he noted.
He disclosed that the church is also working hand-in-hand with M/S Feed The Hungry E. Africa, which is charged with providing usables, foodstuffs and medical provisions to people in refugee camps throughout the country.
Pr. Mwesige said that all this is done in the spirit of the biblical teaching of making God’s people self-sustaining, adding that gone are days when born-again believers used to be identified by poverty and hunger.
In addition he added, Christians need to be empowered to be able to give offertory without feeling the pain, and to help them love their God more by positively contributing financially to church projects.