By Faridah Nakazibwe

This is 21 Century Which Needs 21century Solutions And 21 Century Ides.

Poverty is a process. 
It builds up gradually. It doesn’t jump on people and it is a result of what you fail to do. Period.

Avoid excuses. Everybody has a story to tell. Stop the excuses and make a durable living.
A million excuses can never be substituted for one right action.

Avoid the blame game and choose to accept responsibility.
You and only you will ultimately be responsible for whatever your life becomes.
Until you discover that finger pointing is a mere waste of precious time, you may never get to recover your true destiny.

Avoid procrastination. Get the hands to work and put forward your best steps to beat every waster of destiny.

Make that one phone call today.
Go for that competition and prove your worth.
Return to amend that relationship for gain.
Determine to search for that breaking point encounter by all possible and meaningful means.

What do you have, therefore? Start from there.

The land is rich, the opportunities are boundless. Nothing will ever change even if food falls from the heaven.

To overcome poverty, you must take it personally.

It’s an individual race. Yes we can blame the government.
But it doesn’t depend on what you couldn’t but on what you can.
Please look around you. It is possible to walk out of poverty.

Avoid wasteful living and let every of your steps be ordered. Nobody gets rich by wasting the available.
Be accountable for every spending that passes through you. Live within your capacity and avoid wastful spendings.

Ask , seek and find help. It is available.
Give no space till you find it. Take God and do google to pilot you.

Put your hands to work and set yourself on a journey of more than enough.