By Kiyimba Bruno

One of the Directors for Humanitarian Development initiative Sheila Kemigisha has expressed discontent over Ugandans who want to spend yet they do not have budgets.

Kemigisha said that if people continue like this, many shall keep poor as those who change their minds shall move positively step by step from the burden of poverty.

This was during a financial literacy workshop that took place in Luwero District at Wobulenzi Abasa ekimu taxi operators and drivers cooperative society, where Kemigisha advised taxi drivers and Ugandans at large not to spend money that is not within their means.

“The biggest problem that we have here in Uganda is spending what we don’t have. As a financial literacy trainer, I think that it is always good for someone to first make a budget before making any expenditure.” Noted Kemigisha

Kemigisha added that many people are given wedding and introduction budgets but when you start making a survey, none of these people has a personal budget. On this note she advised the drivers to stop drinking excessively in order to save their families from various grievances that might arise.

In the workshop, Kemigisha moved with a team of three trainers who taught taxi drivers various financial skills like saving, old age, investment and many more.

The group was composed of 70 drivers who managed to get the skills from these trainers and accepted that they had received information that would change their lives for good.

Senono Ismail, a conductor of a taxi that goes to Kampala daily said that as drivers, they did not know any saving skills that would help them jump out of poverty.

“we get money daily, save in our SACCO, but at the end of the weak, you get money when you do not know what you are going to use it for.” Noted Senono.

 He added that with such seminars, people shall gain allot and is one way of driving Ugandans out of poverty.

Previously Bank of Uganda has been teaching trainers who can move deep to the grass roots to teach the citizens various ways of using their money.