By Kiyimba Bruno

Post bank has opened a way for Ugandans who live in the Diaspora to have simple means of saving their money and utilize it when they come back to Uganda.

This was launched by Florence Nsenga, the Diaspora manager of Post bank at a meeting held at Hotel Africana on Friday.

Mrs. Nsenga says many Ugandans go abroad and earn their money in tough ways only to lose it to mindless relations back home. She said Postbank rolled out this package to help Ugandans in Diaspora to save their money without hitches.

Among the countries where this account applies include the United Kingdom, the United States, among many countries.

Nsenga added that Post bank website can be used to open up an account for the people who are living abroad.

These people shall be required to only sign the downloaded application form, then scan and send it back online.

Among the benefits that the Diaspora Ugandans are to receive in the said account are affordable initial deposits, easy maintenance, no monthly charges, and direct debit transfers among other things.

Currently, there are many Ugandans living abroad and are cheated of their money.

This account enables one to keep their hard earned money safely and use it when they want to.