Remember the name, for we might be telling you stories after Sunday.

Kabagarame – or ‘let them just lie down’.
For those who have never been to Bushenyi, western Uganda, Kabagarame is a local restaurant where travellers, tourists and locals alike enjoy a hearty serving of pork, prepared with local accompaniments such as millet bread and Katunkuma.

Chefs from Bushenyi based Kabagarame

Located two kilometres on the outskirts of Bushenyi on Bushenyi-Ishaka Road, Kabagarame (please, remember the name) only opens on Saturday.
You can imagine the ‘mayhem’ that comes with the expectations of hungry customers – those who travel from as far as Kampala and Kigali, and locals – just to eat pork and ‘lie down’ in the grass thatched huts that house one of Bushenyi’s best kept secrets.

Well, that is the experience that will be ‘exported’ to Kampala come Sunday.
Organisers of the day long ‘porkfest’ at the Uganda Museum have gone an extra mile to bring the ‘local’ chefs from Kabagarame in Bushenyi.
‘This weekend, you do not have to travel to Bushenyi. Just make your way to the Uganda Museum and get spoilt for choice, porkwise,” an organiser told Watchdog Uganda.
Entrance is Shs10,000 and gates open at 11am.
And for as low as Shs20,000, you can eat ’til you just lie down’.