By Mike Ssegawa

I had never noticed Democratic Party dudes wear three different ties: green, red and orange. I was brought to my attention on Monday September 17, when a DP faithful told me what was in the tie.

It’s understandable that DP’s color is green. So one would imagine color green is embraced by the party faithfuls.

It emerges there are three different groups in the party, each with a different philosophies. But all believe in DP at the bottom of their hearts.ONLY that they have different approaches to pursuing their political battles.

Green tie
The people who wear green ties are conservative DP members. They follow the adherents of the party like it’s dogma. These DP members don’t want to change anything about their party. It’s Ben Kiwanuka’s party. Period. The hoe is the party symbol, even if the combine harvester is the tool for agriculture tomorrow. The conservatives include Nobert Mao, Michael Lulume Bayiga, Semwogerere Kawanga, etc.

The red ties
You might have seen people like Muwanga Kivumbi dressing only in the red ties. What about Mabikke Michael, or Mbidde Mukasa? This group of people, including their women, wear the red ties or red pieces on their green gomesi. Women like Brenda Nabukenya, are such women in this group.
They dress in red. These are Uganda Young Democrats who became notorious in the 90s and early 2000s. They galvanised the party, and today form part of the political elite of the country.

Orange ties
This is the third group. They are DP but open to engage other progressive forces in the opposition. They don’t mind working with FDC or other opposition groups.

This is the group that formed Suubi group which was a formidable group in the 2011 elections.