By Watchdog reporter

If you don’t praise police work and hip on them piles of criticism, don’t worry, police will do their own praise.

I am sure you will love the song two police officers have released titled Kazi Yeti.

Afande Miah and Ofande OJ have released a video by Hinderland Video and directed by Jay Boy.

The song that salutes President Museveni and Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura is slated to break the internet.

Police has been known for producing band music played on official state function. The pop song however, draws from the fine talent among the youthful officers in the force.

It praises the police in all corners of the country including crime preventers for the great work they are doing.

The truth is, the song is hooker. It captures one’s imagination – of course, it lacks lasting power. However, at the time the police image is battered, Kaazi yetu is the right dose of message for the young people to listen to. It will put a smile on several people’s face.