By our reporter

Iganga police officers beat up journalist Sooma Frederick, deputy chief news editor at Baba TV.

Sooma was beaten like chicken thief by police officers on Easter night at about 10.30 pm when he was walking back to his home after working late.

The journalist pleaded for his life, flashing his Baba TV identity card and National ID in vain. According to fellow journalist Yolisigira Yazid, the badly clobbered journalist is now seeking treatment at Islamic medical centre.

The association of Busoga journalists have condemned police violence against colleague.

A statement by the Busoga Journalists Association (BUJA) signed by the chairman Trevor S. Baleke states that “the Society of Busoga professional journalists condemns, in the strongest terms possible, the outrageous conduct of law enforcement officers who assaulted Mr Fredrick Sooma, a member of the media during last night’s (Sunday , April. 1, 2018) police operation in Iganga town.

We believe that the police have an obligation to ensure that all officers respect the constitutional rights of the press.

BUJA is in touch with Sooma who says he was struck with police batons while walking back home from Baba TV where he works.
He says he displayed his press credentials to them in vain. The victim says that he was holding out his press credentials and telling officers he was a newsman when struck.

Leaving such inhumane action to be swept under the carpet would look like legalising it for even future attacks on the media.

Even more disturbing, several journalists confirm that they have in the past been assaulted by officers in Iganga even while on duty.

We are sure that you agree attacks on journalists are entirely unacceptable. Under no circumstances should members of the press be subject to such gratuitous and potentially deadly police violence.

We also call for a thorough investigation into inappropriate use of force by officers against Mr Sooma.”