By our reporter

Police have described Buyende DPC ASP Muhammad Kirumira’s mode of resignation as an act of indiscipline that contravenes the ct of serving police officers.

According to Police Spokesperson Emilian Kayima, part IV of the police Act guides officers on promotions, recruitment, service and dischargeor termination of appointments.

Following the Act, Kayima says Kirumira cannot and should not resign from Uganda police through a whatsapp message or through granting interviews to the media.

“What he did is an act of gross indiscipline amounting to scandalous conduct be tolerated by the Uganda Police Force,” he says.

Kayima notes that for any officer wanting to exit the force, he or she should write to the Secretary Police Authority , who is the PS Ministry of Internal Affairs. Once the matters raised are put on the agenda for the next sitting in order to reach a solution.

“Therefore, the officer might be allowed an opportunity to leave force , which often is the case. She or he will be issued with discharge letter, then the Inspector General of Police will issue him or her with a certificate of service. Finally, the officer will honorably leave the force with honor and pride,” Kayima enlightened.

“What has befallen ASP Muhammad Kirumira , DPC Buyende is unfortunate . He is currently undergoing a disciplinary court with numerous cases. Respecting the law is subjudice, I will not delve into the matters under which he is undergoing a disciplinary trial,”

The police mouth piece further warned other officers who would like to follow Kirumira’ footsteps not to be excited because there will be no sympathy if law is waged against them.

“This message should go a long way to warn other officers who get excited over noting and begin to breach the code which binds it as a force. When the full wrath of the law weighs on you, it will be you alone to tell the story and you will surely need no sympathies.”