By Najibu Mulema

Earlier, Watchdog Uganda reported on how the Katwe  police had arrested the son of the  late veteran sports journalist, Andrew Patrick Luwandagga on allegations that he might be having a hand in his father’s  death.

But news coming in indicate that Andrew William Luwandagga  has been released without any charge after a post mortem coming out showing that the father died of a natural cause.

61-year-old Luwandagga passed away in the wee hours of Saturday morning and community handed the veteran broadcaster’s 30-year-old son to Police claiming there had been a brawl involving the two shortly before the old man’s death.

“The son of the fallen journalist will be released without charge, because the post mortem shows he died of natural

causes,” Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson Emilian Kayima said.

Luwandagga’s body is at UBC for public viewing and it will be moved to Nakivubo Stadium at 2pm.

Prayers for the deceased will be held at St. Apollo Kivebulaya Church of Uganda in Namasuba at 5pm, before a vigil at his home that is behind Freedom City Mall.

A funeral service will be held at Namirembe Cathedral at 10am on Monday before burial that will take place at  Wamala-Katooke in kawempe  at 4pm.

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