By our reporter

Uganda Police have refuted claims that they has 4,000 guns missing in their stores.

In an article published on Wednesday 8 August, 2018 under a headline ‘Deeper trouble; 4,000 new guns missing in police’ , New Vision alleged that CMI and ISO were conducting an investigation on police classified stores and found out that 4,000 new guns were missing.

However, Police Spokesperson Emilian Kayima has rubbished the article saying it is hoax and should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

“To put the record clear, we are not aware of any missing guns from our classified stores neither are we aware of any investigations by CMI and ISO on the same. There is no investigations whatsoever in as far as the procurement of one of our aircrafts is concerned,” said Kayima.

“However, it is true that the Inspector General of Police J.M Okoth Ochola sanctioned a gun audit whose findings are yet to be submitted , discussed and shared with the parties that must share them,” he added.

Kayim has also condemned New Vision for the biased and irresponsible reporting which could endanger national security.

He noted that the writer never contacted police public relations officers for the appropriate information and chose to quote anonymous sources for reasons well known to him.