By Najibu Mulema

On Wednesday it was Kizza Besigye, today is Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and others turn.

Police raided the home of Erias Lukwago the Kampala Lord Mayor saying he was planning to join Forum for Democratic Change activists in Wakiso to start their separate 54th independence celebrations.

Lukwago woke up very early in the morning, prepared himself to visit his colleague Dr. Besigye at his home in Kasangati. The Lord Mayor says he planned to visit Besigye before he could proceed to his office at City Hall for work. However police rounded him up before he could leave his home.

Police says FDC’s Semujju Nganda was organizing a rally to start off their independence celebrations, in Wakiso and that was Lukwago’s destination.

Reports indicate that police also blocked Ssemujju Nganda from leaving his home, together with MP Mubarak Munyagwa and Councillor Mohammad Ssegirinya.

Lukwago says he lost his head when this morning he found a barricade of policemen staged at his home and they denied him exit.

After a long argument Lukwago was allowed to move out of his home but in the company of the police.

“As I opened up my gate, the police had already raided my home, they refused me to get out but after explaining that I had a meeting with the boda boda riders at city hall, they permitted me to move under their escort and now I am going to Dr. Besigye’s home to see how he is doing,” Lukwago said.