By Kiyimba Bruno

Residents of greater Masaka in conjunction with their LC5 chairman Jude Mababaali have been wondering about the business that Pastor Kakande has been doing in their area.

The said pastor has owned rice gardens and sand mining businesses which seemed to contradict with the big reason why Pr Kakande was doing work that side.

Local leaders in Masaka have denied the pastor and through their Member of Parliament Ms Florence Namayanja, they don’t know him.

Namayanja added that those who are concerned like the police, National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) do not know about what pastor Kakande is doing.

According to the police boss Mawanda Acheles, investigations were done and discovered that on the 23rd day of August 2016, Pastor Kakande received a certificate license which allowed him to grow nuts and also to cooperate with local leaders which contradict with what the pastor was doing currently.

Now due to all these allegations, police has given a notice to Pastor Kakande stopping him from doing all the work he is doing in Masaka more especially the business of sand mining.

According to one of the pastors, they have enough land documentation and believe everything they were doing was right.