By Watchdog reporter

Sunday night, soccer fans went to Nelson Mandela stadium Namboole to watch the Euro 2016 final between France and Portugal. The event spiced up with musical performances and comedy was organized by Abitex.

During extra time however, something happened that was hard to believe;

Gun wielding police men in uniform together with criminals known as kifeesi started beating up people without provocation.

In the process, they robbed the soccer fans of their valuables including money, phones and other things.

Cbs radio commentators airing the game from Namboole, lost their microphones as well as other broadcast equipment.

Other soccer fans who watched the game from around Kireka and Bweyogerere, suffered similar misfortunes with kifeesi gang members beating them up before robbing them.

It’s not the first time criminals such as kifeesi have been linked to police.

Butambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi has said in parliament before that criminal gangs have their command in police.

The new security minister Gen Henry Tumukunde has vowed to finish off Kifesi irrespective of their commanders.