By Najibu Mulema

Sarah Nabikolo, the widow to the late city businessman Eriya Bugembe ‘Kasiwukira’ who was recently acquitted of murder charges by the high court judge on 12 October, 2016 after failure by the prosecution to present evidence pinning her for killing the husband. She was re-arrested in Busia on Tuesday night while trying to leave the country.

Nabikolo was arrested together with her two colleagues, Collins Lubulwa and Catherine Kyasa while trying to leave the country for Kenya through Busia border. It’s alleged that Nabikolo used a white pickup to travel from Kampala to Busia.On reaching Busia border, as a routine, every person who is crossing the border must be checked.

Nabikolo was asked to present her passport, but she failed to present it claiming that she only had an identity card.

She said she was heading to the kenryan coastal town of Mombasa.

According to the Bukedi region police spokesperson, Sowali Kamulya, Nabikolo raised suspicion among the immigration officers,and Nabikolo was thoroughly checked with her colleagues only to find her passport numbered B0577389 in  her handbag which was being carried by Kyasa.

Nabikolo raised more suspicion when she tried to bribe the officers at the border and this forced them to immediately call the the Director Public Prosecution(DPP) and the Criminal Investigation Department(CID) who confirmed   that Nabikolo was well known. She was arrested with her colleagues who spent a night at Busia police post.

On Wednesday, Nabikolo with friends were drove back to Kampala and the investigations are taking place at CID headquarters in Kibuli.

Lately the DPP had appealed against her acquittal insisting  that Nabikolo had a hand in her husbands’ murder case.

Police spokesperson, Andrew Felix Kaweesi said, what caused Nabikolo’s arrest was her refusal to present her passport to the officers which raised suspicion but nothing else.

“When they ask her questions and she answers them well, police will release her to go carry on whatever she does but when she fails, she will be given a police bond as investigations go under way,” said Kaweesi.
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