Hundreds of Police Officers have today turned up for the general cleaning at Nsambya Police Barracks and the surrounding areas.

The activity, carried out in partnership with St. Stevens Nsambya Church of Uganda comes at a time when cholera outbreak is reported in some parts of Kampala.

While addressing participants, the Director Special Duties, AIGP Andrew Sorowen said the exercise was part of a series of activities beginning today that will include giving free medical services by the Police Health Services to the police community in the barracks under the theme : ‘Giving Hope To The Police Family’

He noted that for Police Officers to serve effectively, there must be healthy which he said comes with a clean environment.

“If we don’t clean the barracks to avoid diseases like cholera, diarrhea, malaria and typhoid, the officers will get sick. Then, criminals will take charge because no one will be there to detect and arrest them. So, its very important to ensure that our environment is clean to avoid sickness and we must take this drive serious,” he said.

He added that the general cleaning of the police barracks will be carried out every Saturday to ensure that the environment where police officers live is clean.

Rev. James Luwuum of St. Stevens Church of Uganda, Nsambya who also graced the exercise said: “We found it necessary as church to dedicate a day for police because we are celebrating professionalism, among which police officers. So, we are here to be with them to help clean their places of residence to avoid possible disease outbreaks.”