Katosi Police is holding a 25 year old man for allegedly defiling a one year old toddler an incident that occurred last Wednesday 4th April 2018 around 5 p.m.

As the children played around the compound, the suspect identified as Wangolo Morris, a resident of Kisitu Island, lured the baby girl into picking a sweet from his room where he allegedly defiled her from.

‘Nawe Silika’ a Luganda sentence meaning ‘keep quite’ the shameless man commanded the innocent baby as he defiled her innocence.

It was not quite long when the mother heard the child screaming and ran to find out what had happened only shocked after seeing the baby girl walking with difficulty, dress covered with blood.

Feeling ashamed, its alleged that Wangolo peeped as he came out of the house with the zip wide open.

The cry of a weeping mother sparked off anger among residents who beat the suspect up.

On being questioned about the motive,he claimed it was the work of the devil however the angry community told him it would be last time the devil would use him.

Both the girl and the suspect were taken to a police surgeon at Mukono Hospital for examination.

The suspect and the girl were examined by a police doctor on police form 24A and 3A respectively and he was found to be a mentally sound adult.

The medical report confirmed that the toddler had been forcefully defiled, hymen freshly torn and a white discharge in the girl’s private parts, suggestive of the presence of semen was found.

A charge sheet for aggravated defilement and the file has submitted to the Resident State Attorney in Mukono Magistrates Court for advice.