Kabalagala Police team is holding three suspects on aggravated robbery charges. The three were were arrested metres away from the home of a Belgian national located in Bukasa, Muyenga.

The suspects Yasim Ddamba 41 years, Evaristo Bizimungu 28 years and Rodgers Nsamba 21 years were arrested stealing from Danven Vanvaeck’s home Thursday at 10am in the morning.

DPC Kabalagala SP. Mugerwa Benard says the suspects ridding on two motorcycles disguised as plumbers,and approached the maid who was at home at that time. The maid being suspicious called the private security guard which made the robbers to draw a weapon at them,and lock them inside a room.

The maid devised measures to rescue the situation by passing through the side window and made an alarm that drew the neighbours attention.

Bad luck befell the rider when the items became too heavy,that the bike couldn’t make it up to the hill. The alarmed raging community then pounced on the two beating them to a pulp only to be rescued by police.

Police recovered a star pistol No BO6158 with seven rounds of ammunition and the electronics they had stolen.

Kabalagala Police has already arrested one among the three that fled on the motorcycle. Police is questioning the suspects to establish the source of the gun.