Police at Old Kampala has arrested two men following a raid to recover mobile phones that are stolen across Kampala City.

Police recovered 133 mobile phones.

The duo; Moses Wandera aged 32 and William Bogere 35 were arrested and it’s suspected could also be in possession of more stolen goods.

Upon arrest, Wandera was searched and police discovered that he had been arrested and given court bail on the 9th April 2018 over the same charges and was back to terrorize the city.

The operation was led by Old Kampala DPC SP. Charles Nsaba after a series of complaints from the community over increased theft of mobile phones and other gadgets in crowded areas of the city, such as pubs and night clubs and open music concerts.

KMP spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire said these operations will reassure people that there isn’t any more safe haven for criminals in Kampala.