Police in Mukono is holding a 17-year-old boy over suspected stolen motor vehicle number plates.

The suspect identified as Enock Kyakonye Ssentamu 17, was arrested on Saturday following numerous complaints registered.

He revealed to the police officers that he has been targeting owners with the latest vehicle models and new number plates. He would sneak into the gates of all types,pluck off the number plates and leave behind a phone contact.

This phone contact acts as a medium for receiving money ripped out off the stollen number plates at a fee between Ushs 50,000 and Ushs 200,000.

“Once my demands are met, i direct the vehicle owner to a place where he or she can get back the plates”,said Enock (suspect)

This breakthrough story comes all the way from Mukono, a busy and fast growing district along the Kampala -Jinja Highway.

Kampala Metropolitan Police has seen multiple number plate theft offences, mostly being committed in the darker hours and with vehicles’ parked on the road, as opposed to being tucked away in driveways, garages and yards.

DPC Mukono SP. Rogers Seguya has confirmed the arrest,and recovering over 50 number plates from areas of Kyetume,Namuyenje,Sonde,Seeta and Nasuuti.

“We are very happy with how members of the public are working with us to deal with crime and we hope this will continue”, SP Seguya said.