By Watchdog reporter

Police has ordered Mukono Municipality MP also leader of the ‘Bad DP’ Betty Nambooze to put a stop on her plans of organizing a Democratic Party Buganda conference which she had been scheduled to take place tomorrow on 31 March at Sharing Hall Nsambya.

According to Police, Nambooze’s move of staging a conference without her boss’ approval is violating the DP constitution which is likely to result into breach of peace within party members and Ugandans at large.

Nambooze was today summoned by Police and she was briefed about the new development.

However, the DP Buganda Vice Chairperson accuse members of ‘Good DP’ being led by Party President Norbert Mao and his vice Mukasa Mbidde of sabotaging her plans which she says are for the good of the party since they are aimed at making DP great again.

This comes at the moment when DP is at a verge of collapse due to several indifferences engulfing the party.

Bad DP accuses Good DP of bedding with incumbent NRM which has caused the party a great harm which may lead to its constant collapse.