By Watchdog reporter

Andrew Mwenda’s name has one of the names hovering in the air since the shooting of Kenneth Akena last week.

Mwenda, a journalist turned political lobbyist for the region, is well known to all the suspects in the Lugogo shooting that claimed Akena’s life.

Last week, police failed to produce key suspects Matthew Kanyamunyu and his lover Cynthia Munwangari to court as scheduled as they had just recovered a telephone call print out of Mr Kanyamunyu. The print out helped them understand the events that followed the shooting of the northern Uganda social worker.

The police requested for the telephone print out as lots of lies were flying in the air as the Kanyamunyu sought to distance himself from the shooting, claiming unknown assassins, but Akena had told his brother in his dying declaration that he had been actually shot by Matthew.

Police has constitutionally held on Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend Cynthia for a week, in a bid to come to the bottom of the matter.

It turned out that Matthew’s brothers Moses and Joseph (who issued a press release on behalf of the family) knew something more about the shooting that police was interested. Our police sources say Matthew had talked to them on phone during this period and had a hand in the changing of the narrative and the disappearance of some critical evidence.

The only things police were holding until the arrests were the bullet that was only removed after Akena’s death, and the dead man’s car keys found in Matthew’s car. Matthew at least had to explain how the man’s keys ended up in his car.

However the telephone calls print out has another number that discussed the events of the night which police has not followed up.

Andrew Mwenda, the CEO of Independent magazine, and a friend to both Matthew and Cynthia, knew about the shooting from Matthew himself. Mwenda who is well known in Uganda’s security circles, has appeared to Jinja Road police station to comfort and reassure his friends that all will be fine. On Friday, Mwenda used his evening political show on KFM to defend and paint as innocent Kanyamunyu, despite investigations in the case.

However, despite all this, Police has no interest in questioning Mwenda about what he knows about the shooting at Lugogo.

It is not clear if Mwenda as a responsible citizen, volunteered some information to police, at least going by the version he gives.

Mwenda told Sunday Monitor that Matthew had called him as a friend and told him about the incident.

“I am his brother to all intents and purposes and he will always call me when he is in trouble.”

In what Mwenda calls an “altercation” at Lugogo, many heads are wondering why police is not interested in knowing Mwenda’s truth, but would go for Moses and Joseph, are Matthew’s blood brothers?

Today, Matthew and other suspects are expected in court.

While in Kitgum for the burial, police chief Gen Kale Kayihura regretted the shooting to death of Akena and promised to get to the bottom of the matter.