By our reporter

28 year old ASP Rashid Semugenyi has been abandoned at Case Hospital following Uganda Police Force’s failure to clear his medical bills.

Semugenyi who formerly worked in Mitooma District is currently suffering from kidney complications.

Last year Police promised to take him to India for a kidney transplant but unfortunately he couldn’t travel when he was unfit thus opted to admit him to Case Hospital where he has been undergoing dialysis.

He has spent a month at Case Hospital, most of which has been in the ICU thus racking up bills of over Shs40 million to date.

Apparently the police force has either refused or failed to clear this bill.

Sometime back city socialite, Bryan White, paid Shs9 million to clear part of the bill.

Shs30 million is remaining- but after failing to get payment’s from the Police, Case Hospital has now discontinued treatment and referred him to the government owned Kiruddu hospital, where the few dialysis machines are under huge demand.

His fellow police officers are trying in vain, to raise this money, but their meagre salary can only do as much!!!

His condition is deteriorating every other day.

As of now, he needs to do an emergence dialysis before he becomes an ICU case again.

The emergence dialysis costs only shs450,000.