By our reporter

Police have denied neglecting C/ASP Rashid Ssemugenyi who is currently suffering from kidney complications.

The ailing police officer needs a kidney transplant which can only be done from abroad.

In the past few days, a post about Ssemugenyi’s illness has been moving around social media mobilizing for financial support and alleging that police refused to take care of the officer’s treatment bills.

However, police mouthpiece Asan Kasingye has denied the allegations saying Semugenyi’s case is being handled thus promising to meet his hospital bills.

Rashid Ssemugenyi

“It is not true that Uganda Police Force has neglected to take its officer for a kidney transplant abroad or meet the cost of his treatment here as claimed by a member of the family,” he said adding that, “ C/ASP Rashid Ssemugenyi has been visited by our Director of Police Medical Service Dr. Moses Byaruhanga and his case is being handled. The UPF will also meet his hospital bills,”

According to Kasingye, for a patient to be referred for medical treatment abroad, the case is first to the Medical Board by the consultant , identify a medical facility to handle the case, a request made to the minister of health who in turn writes to the Office of the Prime Minister for approval of funds and in Ssemugenyi’s case a suitable donor must be found and this must conform to both medical and legal procedures.

He says all those are being handled and they are hopefully that the procedures   will be completed in time for the officer to get the medical attention abroad.