By Watchdog reporter

Yesterday, police confirmed confirmed holding 12 children belonging to one of the suspects accused of participating in the killing of former Police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

This came after mothers of the missing children came out to complain about police which had taken their children and they had refused to return them back.

Police operatives picked up the children a few weeks ago after arresting their father Abdul Rashid Mbaziira from his home in Mukono district.

Desperate for solutions, Mbazira’s wives took their frustration to the media which has prompted police to come out in order to defend itself as to why they have not returned the children to their family.

While appearing on NTV’s morning show today, Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said they want to first be sure that the children really belong to the mothers who are claiming.

“We want to be sure that the mothers who claim these are their children belong to them,” said Kayima adding that, “I’m not aware of the nitty gritties of the delay to return these children. I was not aware of the words said to the mothers. If indeed that’s true, that’s very uncouth,”

Kayima further said it is their responsibility to protect and preserve the rights of everyone, especially the children.

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