By Watchdog reporter

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura has banned all age limit demos which have been expected to take place today on Thursday as NRM MPs table the private members bill to scrap off age limit.

Kayihura says police received notifications from different groups intending to stage processions in the city, municipalities and other parts of the country relating to the anticipated debate in parliament over proposed amendments of article 102b of the constitution.

According to the police boss, the groups intend to use processions to cause violence and mayhem particularly in the city targeting parliament .

“Police recognizes and always facilitated the exercise, of the right to demonstrate, peacefully and unarmed as provided by the constitution. However, at the same time, police has an obligation under the constitution to keep law and order, prevent crime as well as protecting life and property,” said Kayihura.

Those planning to hold demos were advised by Kayihura to use other means, other than processions “such as TV networks, radios and other electronic and print media or indoor meetings.”

The ban according to the police boss, targets both those opposing and supporting  the Amendment Bill “for avoidance of doubt.”