By our reporter

Police have today lifted a ban which has been prohibiting MPs from carrying out joint age limit consultative meetings.

Police spokesperson Asan Kasingye while addressing the media on Monday in Kampala, said the force has no problem with such joint rallies, for as long as they are held within the law.

He said they will not stop MPs to consult in groups for as long as they get permission from Police first for these rallies.

“If there are MPs who want to go to another constituency, let the police in that area be informed. We need to know beforehand if the MP for that constituency is going to have other people.” said Kasingye.

Police’s u-turn comes after the opposition MPs vowing to continue holding joint consultative meetings on the controversial ‘age limit’ bill, thus describing the  ban as “stupid”.

According to the directive issued on October 16 by Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP), Asuman Mugenyi, all RPCs and DPCs were ordered to ensure that MPs strictly consult in their constituencies only and those moving or intending to move in order to support counterparts or consult outside their constituencies must be stopped.