By Watchdog reporter

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) has admitted that he is the one who planned the whole mission of manhandling anti age limit MPs as a way of maintaining sanity at parliament on Wednesday.

While addressing journalists at Kasenyi Landing site on Thursday, the police boss said he invited the Special Force Command (SFC) to assist police in restoring order at parliament after receiving intelligence information that MPs opposed to the contentious age limit bill were planning to cause chaos at parliament.

“If you’re to blame, I take full responsibility. I asked assistance from other sister security agencies,” he admitted adding,” That is why you saw a joint team of security officers putting on civilian attire assisting us,”

Kayihura who was unapologetic lauded the team that forcefully evicted and arrested some MPs for the job well done.

Yesterday’s fracas at parliament was sparked off when Speaker Rebecca Kadaga suspended 25 MPs over misconduct.

After suspension, the MPs refused to leave the house thus ordering security to forcefully kick them out.

A number of opposition MPs was arrested and some hospitalized due to the beating they received from security operatives.