The DPC for Kabalagala has hailed the program of exporting labour to foreign countries, saying it gives police some peace.

SP.Benard Mugerwa was addressing youth during their send off to United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Kabalaga on Thursday.

A total of 96 male youth under Middle East Consults Company have been flagged off to UAE where they will be doing a range of jobs from; Cashiers, drivers, casual laborers, security, among others.

Middle East Consults is located in Muyenga, and deals in labor export to Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and a host of other countries in the middle east.

Mr Mugerwa cautioned the youth to stay focused and disciplined.

“Discipline and hard work are traits that help all people across jobs, even in police. I would never have made six years in the Force nor attained this rank if I was not disciplined,” Mr Mugerwa said.

Using an example of his sibling that he said has been in UAE for the last three years, Mugerwa urged the youth to use their poor family backgrounds as an inspiration while they work abroad.

He thanked the management of Middle East Consults for raising responsible citizens that are able to be part of the great nation biulding.