By Watchdog reporter

Two more brothers of Matthew Kanyamunyu have been arrested in connection with the death of northern Uganda social worker Kenneth Akena.

Moses Kanyamunyu and Joseph Kanyamunyu have been detained in separate security installations to help in investigations of the murder mystery that has blown away the nation’s imagination.

There is a problem arising from conflicting reports on the circumstances that surrounded the death of Akena.

Akena’s brother says the late told him that he was shot by Matthew Akena at Lugogo shopping mall.

However his car was found opposite the shopping mall, parked at Kyadondo rugby ground. It didn’t have a drop of blood, and nowhere did Akena’s blood sprinkle, leaving many questions to fly around. The gun used in the crime went missing and so was the bullet cartilage.

Matthew’s car which had the Burundian beauty who is also held as a suspect, also didn’t have any blood. However, police retrieved Akena’s car keys in Matthew’s car.

Police detaining Moses and Joseph who on Monday issued a statement repeating Matthew’s earlier statement that Akena was killed by a bullet from assassins who wanted to kill his girlfriend from Burundi.

In so doing, Matthew put himself at the scene of crime, which officially made him and his girlfriend key suspects.

Police could be holding Moses and Joseph after looking at Matthew’s phone details at the time of the crime and when he was driving the late Akena around hospitals seeking to save the man’s life. The two brothers could help the police to get more facts or, actually, to have conspired to cover up the crime.