By our reporter

Edward Kisuze, the now suspended Senior Administrative Assistant of Makerere University has been arrested.

Police is holding Kisule from Wandegeya police station over allegations of sexual harassment and being a public nuisance.

On Tuesday, Njoroge Racheal Njeri broke the internet when she posted a photo (selfie) of  Kisuze, while going down on her in his office.

Njeri said in her hand written story, that Kisuze sexually harassed her when she went to pick her transcript on April 13.

She wrote, “I was referred to room 507 from where I was first chased and told to wait. I went out and waited patiently on the bench but when [the clock struck] 4.30 pm, I could not wait any longer…”

“When I got into the room, the staff told me to wait five minutes so they could see if my transcript had been worked on. Fortunately, my transcripts were certified and handed to me,”

“As I was looking through them, the man who had given them to me turned out to be so inhumane.”

Njeri says Kisuze grabbed her breasts, licked them and told her he loved her,”

“I tried to resist his actions but he was stronger than I was. He grabbed me and threw me on the cabinet files at the corner,”

After the incident, the University administration suspended  Kisuze after finding his defence wanting.

In a letter dated 17 April, 2018, the acting Vice Chancellor William Bazeyo said the management found Kisuze’s defence regarding the allegation unsatisfactory thus establishing an investigation committee to establish what exactly transpired.

In the same letter, the acting Vice Chancellor went ahead to suspend Kisuze from the University on half pay with immediate effect to allow a smooth investigation into the matter.

“Accordingly, I hereby SUSPEND YOU from the University service on half pay with IMMEDIATE EFFECT to allow a smooth investigation into the matter,” said Mr. Bazeyo.

“You are strongly advised to desist from any access to Senate Building premises and or interactions with students of Makerere University until investigations are completed. You are further required to handover all University property that may be in your possession,” he added.