By our reporter

Police is holding 35 suspected thugs who had made it a habit to terrorize people in Kampala city.

The suspects were arrested during a sting operation in the areas of Nakulabye.

This joint operation together with the help of crime preventers of Old Kampala Division targeted areas of Zone 1 commonly known as Kiyaye, Zone 4 and Zone 5. These areas are commonly identified as the black spots and have been impassable both during day and night hours.

This follows a public outcry about goons that snatch bags and rob during evening hours

Most of these suspects were found in most frequented crime spots and in possession of marijuana and other mind enhancing herbs commonly known as mairunji.

The operation was led by the OC. Operations Old Kampala Division C/ASP Mwiine Henry.

According to Mwiine, these operations are ongoing and shall continued to hit hard as police endeavor to clean Kampala City.

The suspects have been detained at Old Kampala Police station pending screening.